Dental Compounding

TAC Alternate Gel (TAC 20)

Lidocaine 20%, Tetracaine 4%, Phenylephrine 2%
TAC 20 is used as a pre-injection topical anesthetic for soft tissue and palatal procedures.

Often used before laser procedures, gingivoplasty and implant exposures. TAC is a combination of anesthetic ingredients and a vasoconstrictor. TAC 20 has been used as an alternative to local anesthetic injectable solutions.

TAC is available in a loose running mint flavored green gel.

TAC 20 Gel is packaged in 2.5 and 5 oz. plastic squeeze bottles (oral syringe and adapter included)

tac alternate gel

TAC 20 Gel, 2.5 oz. Bottle $75 ###
TAC 20 Gel, 5 oz. Bottle $110 ###

TAC 20 Ointment

The same formulation of active ingredients as TAC 20 Gel. TAC 20 ointment is available in a thick mint flavored plasticized ointment base. TAC 20 ointment can be applied with a Q-tip or micro-brush to the dried mucosal surface prior to the procedure. A good choice for pre-injection numbing.

TAC 20 Ointment is packaged in 30 and 60 gram ointment jars.

tac alternate ointment

TAC 20 Oint. 30 gram jar $50 ###
TAC 20 Oint. 60 gram jar $70 ###

TAC 20 is for office use only, and can only be ordered by a licensed dentists office in the U.S.

All orders will be confirmed with the dentists office before shipping.

Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.