Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) can occur at all stages of life; it may be ongoing or happen only once in a while.

Types of FSD include:

Oxytocin Rapid Dissolve Tablets

Oxytocin has become the subject female-sexual-dysfunction studies, specifically the difficulties in achieving orgasm. Oxytocin increases sexual receptivity and counteracts impotence. Higher levels of oxytocin in the blood have been associated with better health, faster healing, and increased likelihood of orgasms.

Sexual signs and symptoms of oxytocin insufficiency include:

Treatment with oxytocin can generate intense sexual desire in women:

Oxytocin fills up the female body with warm sensations, infuses positive emotions, instills a sense of deep attachment, and is important for normal sexual arousal. Oxytocin increases lubrication, heightens the orgasm experience, and intensifies contractions of the uterus and vagina at orgasm. Women who easily get multiple orgasms at one sexual encounter have higher levels of oxytocin.

Low oxytocin levels can occur at any age, but it is often found in peri and post-menopausal women, in whom estrogen is also very low.

Bioidentical Hormones Can Help!

Combining bioidentical estrogen and/or testosterone/DHEA replacement with oxytocin is an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction in menopause and beyond. In younger women that currently have adequate estrogen but experience sexual dysfunction, testosterone and/or DHEA therapy can be added to the oxytocin.

Estriol Vaginal Cream

This therapy benefits sexual function by improving vaginal tone and elasticity, increasing vaginal blood flow and enhancing lubrication. Estrogen is responsible for maintaining appropriate vaginal lubrication in response to arousal and contributes to the increase in blood flow to the vaginal area during arousal and orgasm.

Testosterone Cream

Studies have shown a benefit for women who have low testosterone levels and develop sexual dysfunction. Testosterone is considered to be linked to libido and desire.

Scream Cream

Scream cream contains a combination of ingredients aimed at increasing vaginal blood flow and sensitivity of the organs.  Ingedients include: arginine 5%, sildenafil 5% and nitroglycerin 0.125% in a hypoallergenic cream base. 

Scream cream should be applied directly to the clitoris at least 30 minutes prior to anticipated sexual relations and gently massaged in. Duration of effect ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours and heightens both ease of stimulation and intensity of orgasm.