Misc. Formulations

CSF Otic Insufflation Powder

CSF Otic Insufflation Powder is a simple, effective method for dry powder treatment in the management of chronic otits media and in some cases of otitis externa.

CSF Powder includes two antibiotics: chloramphenicol and sulfamethoxazole, and the antifungal fungizone (amphotericin B).  CSF-HC contains the same active ingredients as CSF, but also includes hydrocortisone to reduse inflammation.

Woodland Hills Pharmacy has available two different insufflator devices to deliver CSF powder to the ear cavity:

Otomed Powder Insufflator: The Otomed Insufflator is used with CSF powder in #4 capsules.  Each capsule will normally last between 10-15 puffs.  Capsules should be refrigerated, except the one stored in the insufflator.  Otomed Insufflator price is $30.  Price per capsule is $10.  Four capsule minimum per order.

Accordian Insufflator: Includes 3 grams of CSF powder.  Each disposable accordian insufflator normally lasts around 100 puffs and should be refrigerated between use.  The accordian insufflator is included in the price of the prescription. Price $60

CSF Powder can also be purchased by healthcare professionals "for office use."  Please call WHP for more information.