BEG Nasal Spray

Bactroban (Mupirocin) 0.2%, Edetate Disodium (EDTA) 1%, Gentamicin 0.5%

BEG nasal spray is an effective way to eradicate biofilm-forming, antibiotic resistant staphylococcus colonizations in the sinus cavity.  BEG nasal spray is used to treat patients susceptible to recurrent staph infections.

This unique formulation addresses the needs of patients recovering from sinus infections and biotoxin illness.  It is an effective option to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial colonies.  This is the key step aiding in the recovery and healing process.  BEG nasal spray's active ingredients are a combination of two antibiotics (Bactroban, Gentamicin) and the calcium chelator EDTA.  The EDTA dissolves the biofilm coating, clearing the way for a direct attack by the topical antibiotics.

2 oz. nasal spray bottle $80

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